Job Title: Scientist/Senior Scientist, Genomics


Job Location: Boston/Cambridge, MA

Hiring Manager: Jesse Gray


At Limelight Bio, our mission is to overcome key limitations of gene therapy, enabling its application to more genes, diseases, and patients. We fix genes and bring hope to patients.

We are seeking a Genomics Scientist/Senior Scientist who will:

  • Analyze genetic data to enable us to select gene targets – ones that address the largest patient populations and that cannot be addressed by competing technologies

  • Design and interpret large-scale functional genomic experiments for target screening -- using high-throughput genomics, including RNA-seq

  • Automate design and analysis pipelines for target screening


General Requirements:

  • Ph.D in Bioinformatics, Biology, Computer Science, or related discipline

  • Ability to perform bioinformatic/computational analysis independently

  • Ability to work collaboratively in a team environment with biologists

  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills (verbal and written)


Specific skills/knowledge required:

  • Fluency in R/Matlab, Perl/Python, Unix

  • Ability to design and interpret experimental data in the context of biology (whether genetic, molecular biological, neurobiological, immunological)

  • Experience in functional genomic methods such as RNA-seq, ChIP-Seq, Ribosome profiling, Massively Parallel Reporter Assays


Additional skills/experience beneficial, but not required:

  • Experience conducting biological (wet-lab) experiments (e.g., PCR, RNA-seq library preparation, protein analysis)

  • Postdoctoral experience in bioinformatics or biology

  • Fluency in other programming language and databases, e.g., C++, Java, SQL

  • Experience in programming robotics for molecular biology

  • Fluency in cloud/cluster computing

  • Experience with gnomAD and its analysis using Hail

  • Experience with ClinVar




Limelight Bio is a privately held, multi-platform, multi-disease biopharmaceutical company headquartered in Philadelphia, PA and Cambridge, MA. Since 2017, Limelight has been developing proprietary technologies, advanced targets, and leading drug candidates designed to overcome key limitations of current gene therapy and gene editing approaches.

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